Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Use Poker Strategy Wisely

One of the most colossal imperfections people have with poker is that they do not know how to use poker strategy wisely at poker tables. For example, they read poker articles and visually examine high stakes poker TV shows and endeavor to apply some of what they see there. In any case, they are examining the flawed sources for the specific game they play.

If a player really wants to become expert at poker, a player obliged to acquire knowledge about the game. The best place to find great moves is at poker forums where a player can participate to poker discussions. The more information in the forum, the more likely a player find information about the specific game.

Great poker players most likely hang around to forums, and love being the authority when they possess knowledge of poker. The best thing to do to learn more strategies and techniques about poker is to read more articles or blogs. Sometimes a little exploration can be a big help.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Poker Dog Joke (repost)

A man walks into a bar and notices a poker game at a far table. Upon looking closer, he notices a dog seated at the table. Curious, he walks over for a closer looks and sees the dog has cards and chips in front of him.  
Oddly, none of the players seem to pay him any mind. The dog was treated like one of the guys. 
Finally, the man could not contain his curiosity any longer, so between hands he leans over and whispers to one of the guys,  
“That dog has got to be one of the smartest dogs in the world! He is really playing poker!” 
The player smiled and said, “He’s not that smart, everytime he gets a good hand, he wags his tail.” 
The nest hand is dealt to the dog, just like everyone else.

Friday, 9 March 2012

10 Things To Know About Playing Cards

Cards are dealt consists of 52 cards used for many popular casinos today.

Playing cards represents the four most famous monarchs; The King of Hearts represents Charlemagne, the King of Diamonds represents Julius Caesar, the King of Spades symbolizes the Biblical King David, and the King of Clubs portrays Alexander the Great.

A 9 Diamond cards referred to ‘Justice Clerk’, referring to despised Lord Justice Clerk Ormistone. There is a belief that card’s poor reputation as the trump card in the game of Cornette, introduced to Scotland by the unpopular Queen Mary.

The King of Hearts is the only one of the kings in a deck of playing cards has no moustache. Other speculation is that the King of Hearts did originally have a beard but it disappeared due to imperfect copying cards over the years.

European nation has its own version of traditional card deck. The only thing that many nations have in common is that their decks usually feature 40 cards or less, retaining all the court cards, but with the suites only getting a maximum value of 7.

During the latter part of 10th century, playing cards believed to have originated in China, according to the invention of sheet paper that spread from China into the Middle East then eventually introduced to Europe. In contrast, playing cards are based on the traditional French format in today’s generation.

Benjamin Franklin, as the US founding father, believed that he was among those manufacturers of playing cards.

King, Queen and Jack replaced by Liberty, Equality and Fraternity after the revolution.

Today, German cards used primarily to play the game of Skat. German cards also come in four rather than two colours, with yellow and green added to the traditional red and black.

Joker is a remainder card of the Fool, and in German, it is called as ‘juker’. The jokes has trump value in Euchre. In 1870, it was first added to the regular card deck.

Early history, playing cards were used for foretelling. The different forms of playing cards have been derived from cups, swords, pentacles, and coins of Tarot.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Poker Blogs

Blogs are more than pages of written text. It is a form of self-expression often includes pictures, audio music, and even videos. More and more blogs are popping up and searchable on the internet. To write blogs is my ultimate passion, and I write blogs because I can earn money from it. Let me share some of the blogs that I usually visit, here they are:
I have done freelance writing for websites for many years. Blogging can be fun and can be a source of income. I hope to see more aspiring bloggers to continue their desire to write. Cheers!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Poker Popularity

For about two centuries, Poker has been around and become hugely popular. The phenomenal rise of poker popularity tickles the imagination of people and become a trend in UK and US. In fact, people have started recognizing it as a sport or a game of skill. Media coverage about poker tournaments increased rapidly and that is the reason why viewers being hooked to watch the poker tournaments.

Many players and amateurs are playing poker for a living. There are thousands of sites today where anyone can play poker and thanks to the advance of internet poker. Big internet companies mostly sponsor big tournaments. 
The sum of money increased because of numerous people playing online poker.

Those experienced players are those that have only played online poker most of the time. Amateurs are winning and making huge money and aiming to join the big tournament one day. 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Australians Spend Less on Poker Machines

The spending habits of Australians were down by AU$1.4 billion poker machines compared to last December 2010 of AU$12.4 billion. 

Study reveals that Australians are now spending less on gambling than they had in the previous year and spending on other forms of gambling is a massive drop than poker machines.

Read the full article here.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hiding True Intentions

Some poker players are wearing sunglasses, hoodies, caps, etc., just to hide their identities. But, a good player should also consider the gestures of their opponents. Below are the poker clues that a poker player should know.

Avoid too much talking – excessive talking is a big NO in the poker room. Avoid the obvious things to trick your opponent without revealing your true intentions.

Standardize your movement – if you are familiar with an animal “chameleon” that change skin colors as natural defense mechanism. Make your movements similar to other players so that they will not notice your playing patterns.

Watch your eye contact – try to hide your emotions especially during rough situations. Remember the phrase that “eyes are the windows to the soul”, watch your eye movements so that they will not sense your next move.